Quality Style

For the ever-demanding women who are becoming more and more prominent in the business arena we have prepared lines including half canvas workmanship applicable to a vast set of patterns to the liking of discerning women.

We apply our full range of know-how into the womens line of products creatıng elegant, comfortable timeless fashion.

The Care and love we put into details makes our garments stand out in any occasion

High-Quality Fabrics and Accessories

Elegant, refined, subtle and innovative with the mix of high-quality fabrics and accessories we take pride in creating garments of high quality. We produce jackets, pants, skirts, coats, suits where our capability of producing half canvas garments for ladies clearly pinpoint us as an industry leader.

Made to Order

Made to Order is a fantastic service for boutigues who are facing MOQ problems. this services caters to boutigues where they can choose from thousands of fabrics, accessories and endless model options in way and quantity with the option of fast repeat orders.